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Gig Posters 2015 Photography By: Eva Robinett

Gig Posters Photo By Eva Robinett Wimberley, Texas 2013

Photo By: Darron Spohn at T-Roy Miller's Pickin' in the Pines May 2012

Photo By: Eva Robinett at Nutty Brown Cafe' in Austin Texas January 2014

Photo By: Eva Robinett at Nutty Brown Cafe' in Austin Texas January 2014

Stephen K Morris. 

Americana Songwriter and Storyteller.

Stephen K. Morris released his freshman album "Borrowed Times" in the spring of 2013. The music and lyrics on "Borrowed Times" reflects the many influences he has drawn from to develop his own little slice of Texas music. His original lyrics will make you chuckle and grin while others carry more weight and will have you considering different walks of life. No matter the light or dark heard in his music he always seems to find a "Cup Half Full" resolve. In his words "I tend to have and appreciate a Cup half full but, chipped on the rim outlook".

Stephen grew up in the north Texas town of Iowa Park. Small town life gave him a grounded easy going attitude early on. Stephen gained a worldly view and balance during his frequent and often extended travels around the country each summer with his traveling sales man father. As he puts it... "I had the best of both worlds. I had a picket fence foundation and parents during the school year and followed a gypsy salesman around the country all summer." Music was always the common denominator between each walk of life. He learned music theory and Saxophone during his school days and listened to to everything from Alabama to ZZ Top during his summer journeys.

Stephen turned his early music experience toward guitar and writing songs during college in Wichita Falls Texas. Over several years and while working several different jobs his song list, covers and originals, has grown into a nice collection. Stephen honed his performing skills at many "jam" settings such as "Mom's" on Friday nights in Wichita Falls, Adair's Jam's hosted by T-Roy Miller in Deep Ellum, Dallas, Charli's Jam's in Dallas, Pickin' in the Pines in Pine Mills, Texas and various open Mics throughout the state. He is now performing his own shows regularly at many venues across the state. You can find him many weekends somewhere on Highway 290 between Austin and Fredericksburg, Texas at various Wineries, Cafes, Bars and small venues that support independent music.