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The Outsider Songwriter Series w/ Rich and Maranda "The Texas Duet"

Join us for The Outsider Sunday.
August 4th, Western Edge Cellars
4:00 PM 7:00 PM

Rich and Maranda “The Texas Duet” Join the show.

Somewhere between the Appalachian mountains and the streets of Bakersfield is the Texas Duet. A 2 piece bluegrass, country, Americana band. Take a twanging Telecaster and a flattop Martin, throw in a back porch stomp and a backbeat that keeps things moving along, add some country blues harmonica and real downhome harmonies and you got the Texas Duet Band. No karaoke machines or digital band members, Rich and Maranda do it all live on stage.

The Texas Duet

The Texas Duet

Tabak Haus Cigar Lounge

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Thursday 7-8pm and Sunday 4-5pm

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