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The Outsider "Songwriter Spotlight" with Guest Jim Bob Laird

  • The Auslander Fredericksburg, Texas (map)

Join Me and my Guest Jim Bob Laird at at The Auslander.

My Guest: Jim Bob Laird


I met Jim Bob Laird at a music festival near Meridian, Texas somewhere around the year 2000.  Over the last sixteen, or so, years he and I have sat near or across from each other two or three dozen times almost always with a guitar in each of our laps, a campfire between us, and smiles across our faces. We’ve traded more songs, laughs, and bad jokes than legal in most states.  I always look forward to my next meeting with him.

Jim Bob Laird Lives in Madill, Oklahoma.  He’s a guitar player and songwriter who pens real life stories and sings them to beautiful melodies.  His voice is honest, smooth, and one that sets you at ease like hearing from an old friend.  Jim Bob's songs are built with carefully planned simple lines that are quick to paint a scene, prod specific emotions, and get straight to the point, but make no mistake, Jim Bob is no simpleton.  His wit is quick as lightning and you can always count on him to bring levity to the most awkward of situations.  Jim Bob is one of the funniest guys I’ve met, but don’t let me mislead you, though, he does write a novelty song here and there with the intention of making you laugh most of his songs are weighty and find his characters dealing with the serious and frail side of life. I've not met many writers who, within a song, can so precisely target the spectrum of emotions we feel when dealing with universal life events like, birth, parenting, marriage, gardening, death, fighting, and dancing. 

If you are looking for a great example of honesty and happiness in a human being and his writings look for Jim Bob Laird.

See you on the Highway, 

Stephen K. Morris

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